Wellbeing and Inclusion Forum Resources

Friday 25th June 2021

Wellbeing & Inclusion: from Policy to Practice – Resources

The purpose of this joint SAPPA and SASPA forum was to explore the productive relationships between the intention of policies addressing Student Inclusion & Wellbeing and the pragmatics of implementation in primary and secondary school settings. The forum enabled “policy owners” and “policy users” to learn from each other about what is working well (and why) and identify where and how improvements can be made to student inclusion & wellbeing in public education.

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Forum Resources:

Setting the scene presentation – Peter Mader

Wellbeing & Inclusions Introduction Video – Caroline Croser-Barlow

Panel 1 Video – Navigating Complexity in Your School
Panel 1 Presentation

Panel 2 Video – Planning & Support for Students for Students with Functional Needs
Panel 2 Presentation
Panel 2 Nurture Groups Resources
Panel 2 Boxall Project Resources

Panel 3 Video – Making a Difference for Students with Functional Needs
Panel 3 Presentations

Thematic Reflections

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