Membership Benefits

Why join SASPA?

SASPA provides advocacy and support for members, relevant professional learning and promotes your work and your school.

The SASPA network comprises more than 95% of South Australian secondary school principals, and a considerable number of deputy principal and assistant principal leaders.

Our Members highly value the collegiality and networking opportunities that SASPA provides, and its responsiveness to their professional needs.


Full Membership (B3-A9 level) is open to all Principals, Deputy Principals, Assistant Principals & Senior Leaders in South Australia Department for Education (DfE) schools with secondary enrolments. Membership is also available to educational leaders in the Education Department’s corporate sector who have previously been a Principal, Deputy Principal or Assistant Principal in a school.

Associate Membership (B1-B2 level) is open to all aspiring educational leaders who are not entitled to full membership; that is, teachers and coordinators in Department for Education (DfE) schools with secondary enrolments.

Membership Benefits

Membership enables you to receive or access the following:

  • Networking & Community
    Being involved in the SASPA community gives you access to great networking opportunities that support professional growth and strengthens education relationships and networks.
  • Ability to take part in SASPA Strategic Network Groups
    SASPA holds regular member forum meetings for Teaching & Learning, Inclusion & Wellbeing, Workforce & Leader Development that only members can attend. These meetings ensure our professional interests relating to current issues are supported and/or addressed.
  • SASPA Talk
    SASPA Talk provides online discussion for all SASPA members. It is a great means to seek advice, share school policies and practices, discuss ideas, or just give opinions about current issues.
  • The SASPA Annual Conference
    The SASPA conference is a unique two-day learning event and an opportunity to network with colleagues. SASPA members receive a considerably reduced registration fee to support you at this marquee event.
  • Professional Learning Events
    SASPA Professional Learning events and programs are run by the profession, for the profession. Events are held in response to a demand and need from our membership.  Members have access to special member pricing.
  • Access and Support
    The SASPA Chief Executive provides a confidential member support service to those members who request specialised professional support assistance.
  • SASPA E-Bulletins
    SASPA E-Bulletins are emailed to all members once per month right from the Chief Executive’s desk. They summarise the discussions and decisions of the SASPA Board as well as other current issues the Association is dealing with and keeps members ‘in the loop’.
  • SASPA Business Partners
    SASPA is supported by a number of Business Partners, all of which are committed to providing quality products and services to our members. Our Business Partners strive to give SASPA members the very best deal.
  • Voting Right (Full SASPA members only)
    Full SASPA Members have voting rights for the selection of SASPA Board members and other constitutional matters.
  • Membership of Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA) 
    All SASPA members automatically receive a membership to ASPA. ASPA is a professional body that represents the interests of principals, deputy principals and assistant principals from government secondary schools across Australia. Click here for more information. SASPA is affiliated with the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA) which is a charter member of the International Confederation of Principals. Click here for more information.

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SASPA is a proud affiliate of the Australian Secondary Principals Association