SASPA has four different types of membership as follows:

Full Membership  $26 per fortnight (tax deductible)

Band A and Band B3 – B6 classed leaders only

All South Australian Government Principals, Deputy Principals and Assistant Principals & Senior Leaders of schools with secondary enrolments are entitled to be full Members of the Association for the period of their tenure.

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Personal Aspiring Leader Membership $10 per fortnight (tax deductible)

Aspiring leaders who are not eligible for full membership and hold position level B1or B2 (Coordinator) are entitled to a personal Aspiring Leader Membership. They do not have voting rights nor the right to hold office. Associate Membership is $10.00 per fortnight and is deducted from your Department for Education pay (annual payment by invoice can be arranged). Please refer to the Memberships page for a description of membership types and benefits.

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School Aspiring Leader Membership $550 per calendar year (Incl. GST)

Band B1 & B2 classed aspiring leaders only

School memberships are open to SA Government schools with secondary enrolments and submitted by the school’s Principal.

For the annual fee, a school site Principal can nominate three aspiring leaders (currently classed in the B1 & B2 DfE categories only) from their site that will receive all member benefits, excluding voting rights.

The school would also be entitled to refer to itself as an affiliate of SASPA.

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Retired Membership $100 per calendar year (Incl. GST)

Retired members are able to retain a formal connection with SASPA through the Retired Membership category.  The fee for the Retired Members category shall be 15% of the full membership fee.  Retired members will have access to the chat list and ability to attend SASPA events at member prices.  Retired members will not be eligible to vote.

Please contact the SASPA Office if you would like to transition your SASPA Membership to a Retired Membership.

SASPA Member Change of Details

It is important that SASPA keeps up to date with all members details.  Please fill out and submit this form if your current position, site or contact details have changed.

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