SASPA Board Meeting Updates

9th February 2024

The 2024 SASPA Board met on Feb 9th and have asked that I share the following with you. As always please contact me if you wish to discuss any in more detail.

  • 2024 has started well for most of our schools, Staffing remains a challenge in some areas more than others unfortunately. There is a level of excitement shared in schools about the year ahead, pleased that the EA has been settled and we anticipate begin involved in discussions with DfE related to the implementation of the agreement.
  • The focus of our morning was on the SASPA Strategic Agenda 2024-2026. Importantly our discussions focused on how Board and the Strategic Network Groups will work to address members key ”asks” as identified in our conversations and survey last year regarding what members felt should be our priorities over the next 3 years. The final Strategic Agenda will be ready to share shortly, and each of the SNG’s will determine their priority work & activities in their initially 2024 meetings. Board thanks all members for their support of this process and acknowledges the shift we are making as an association in building our collective and individual capacity to address our goals.
  • Exec Director People & Culture, Marina Elliott joined Board to discuss priorities of the Directorate. We discussed the consultation of the renewed PDP template, in particular leaders not being aware of the changes prior to the recent release. Marina indicated that feedback had been noted and resources to support process will be available on EdI. Board thanked Marina for her commitment to working with SASPA to ensure leaders are supported in their work in dealing with HR processes.
  • Ash Grant joined our meeting and opened up discussion on what would be useful in guiding leaders in effectively seeking assistance from SAPOL. Ash indicated his preparedness to join Secondary Alliance meetings to share his experience in working with SAPOL to support schools.
  • SASSLA CE Phil O’Loughlin outlined his thinking on teacher and leader workload. Phil’s thinking on this critical issue was well received and we look forward to furthering our discussions.
  • Board discussions with DfE CE Professor Martin Westwell focused on a number of key issues:
    • DfE’s position on SACE as aligned with SA Curriculum and support for the “through-line” of Yr 7-12 in our schools.
    • SASPA’s interest in working with DfE Curriculum & Learning Directorate in ensuring effective support for our leaders to lead SA Curriculum,
    • Plans for Education Leaders Day & the shift from “showcasing of school practice” to “Sharing stories of school journeys” as related to the Areas of Impact.

Board will meet again on March 15th.

1st December 2023

The Board have asked me to share the following with you from their Dec 1st meeting.

  • Minister Boyer joined the meeting continuing our conversations regarding support for school leaders. In particular we discussed teacher and leader recruitment & retention; proposed changes to legislation aimed to improve safety for staff, including responses to inappropriate online comments; National School Reform Agreement report soon to be released and the current discussions pertaining to the EB. Board appreciates the opportunities to represent school leaders’ perspectives in the regular meetings they have with the Minister and look forward to further discussions in 2024.
  • Thank you to our members for the contributions made to develop the SASPA 2024-2026 Strategic Agenda. This was finalised during our meeting and will be published on SASPA website at start of 2024. Strategic Network Groups will be formed to reflect the priority work, with invitations to join called early 2024. Our thanks to Danielle Elston, APA, for her facilitation of the process to develop the Strategic Agenda over the past 6 months.
  • Board members expressed their appreciation for being able to participate in and contribute to, the work of the SASPA Board throughout the year. President Eva Kannis-Torry thanked all for their commitment.
  • We will farewell a number of members retiring at the end of 2023 and we wish them all the very best. SASPA Board would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for their leadership and commitment to public education in South Australia.

27th October 2023

SASPA Board meet on Oct 23rd. Our main focus was working on the Strategic Agenda for SASPA 2024-2026 with much of the time spent working on this agenda item.  Board have asked the following to be shared with members:

  • Board thanks members for making the time to provide your response to the SASPA Strategic Planning Survey. Danielle Elston, Director APA, synthesised this data along with that gathered at the SASPA Conference Breakout session which she facilitated and worked with Board to frame the Strategic Agenda statements. Of note was the strong alignment of members and Board priorities for our Association’s work in 2024-2026. Danielle will join the final Board meeting in December when we plan to finalise.
  • Deputy Chief Executive, Strategy and Corporate, Ben Temperly joined the meeting to discuss the Department’s Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan. Board explored ideas for ways in which to support the RAP, and acknowledged that while schools are not “mandated” to have their own RAP there is support for them to develop if requested. Ben also outlined the plans for introducing EMS over the next 2 years, secondary schools in 2025, with flexibility in which LMS schools may choose to use. Ben indicated Dan Hughes would be keen to talk with leaders, ie Alliance meetings, re the EMS implementation strategy. The newly introduced Waste Management procedures were raised with Ben and concerns outlined regarding lack of consultation with leaders, Ben committed to follow up with his directorate. Finally Board reflected on the missed opportunity to monitor impact of year 7 enrolments in secondary schools. Ben indicated he was interested in partnering with SASPA to explore this further.
  • We look forward to celebrating the year with our members at the End of Year dinner and will acknowledge the leadership of several members who will be retiring. Registrations are still open! Register now! 

8th September 2023

1. Thanks for your support of the 2023 SASPA conference Connecting for Equity & Community. Special thanks to Rosie Heinicke and Conference Planning Group: Penny Tranter, Rogan Tinsley, Kirsty Gebert, Sue Burtenshaw, Annette Williams & Jason Loke for their commitment of time and energy. Huge thank you to Kym O’Loughlin & Amelia Dixon for their hard work and attention to detail, without the efforts of this wonderful group of people the conference would not have been the success it was in 2023! Feedback is being collated and will inform our next conference planning. Also a special acknowledgement and appreciation to the leaders who facilitated a Breakout session, sharing their practice and insights. We sincerely thank you for the time and thought you put into the offering of the sessions.  Resources from the sessions, including Keynotes, will be available on our website.

2. SASPA Board continued to work on planning the 2024-2026 Strategic Directions, reflecting on the input form SASPA members at the Conference Breakout session and shaping the member survey to be released soon. Please lookout for this, we want your input!

3. Discussion of one of the identified Public Education Strategy Levers of Impact: Empowered Leadership. This to be incorporated into the SASPA feedback provided to SEG.

4th August 2023

  1. Congratulated Eva Kannis-Torry on her 3 year appointment as SASPA President and Wendy Johnston on her 2 year appointment as Vice President. Board thanked both for their ongoing support and contributions to the leadership of the Association. We welcomed Lynette Corletto, Principal Naracoorte HS, to the Board for the remainder of 2023. Lynette is replacing Fleur Roachock following her appointment as Education Director, Murray Bridge 1. (congratulations Fleur!)
  2. Welcomed the Department for Education Enterprise Bargaining Unit, Employee Relations Directorate for discussion of the current process. Assistant Director, Enterprise Bargaining Sarah Watson, Colleen Abbott & Phillipa were able to provide an update on recent progress, explaining that the union has presented their claim and the next phase of the process involves talking with the unions and preparing the government’s response which will be presented in writing. Leaders are referred to the Departments EDI page “Managing industrial matters-guide for principals” and invited to contact their Education Director or Sarah Watson and her team directly if you have any questions or seek clarification on issues related to the AEU members “Work to rule” actions. Sarah Watson, (08) 8226 1305 | m 0475 446 073| [email protected]
  3. We have commenced our work in scoping SASPA’s 2024-2026 Strategic Directions. Danielle Elston, Australian Public Affairs, is working with SASPA over Terms 3&4 and will seek members input during this time through a Breakout session at our upcoming August conference and through a SASPA member survey.
  4. SASPA has been invited to contribute to DfE Senior Executive Group’s (SEG) upcoming discussions regarding the Purpose of Public Education Areas of Impact (AoI). Board focused on Equity & Excellence following our previous meeting discussion with Alliance Chairs. We used the Levers of Impact to guide our discussion of what we felt we are currently doing as a system and what would need to change to get better in relation to AoI Equity & Excellence. These insights will be collated along with those captured at Inclusion & Wellbeing, Curriculum & Pedagogy, Professional Learning & Human Resources Strategic Network Group meetings.
  5. Board members representing SASPA on the DfE Country Ed Strategy Reference Group,  IT Working Party & Sport in Schools Reference Group shared updates and sought perspectives on initiatives.
  6. SASPA Conference is soon! Registrations have been strong and we are looking forward to greeting our members on 24th & 25th August for “Connecting for Equity & Community” event!

16th June 2023

Key messages from the meeting for your information:

  1. Deputy Chief Executive, Strategy & Corp Services DfE, Ben Temperly and Chief Operating Officer, Chris Bernardi were guests of the Board and a number of items were discussed including:
  • Overview of their new roles in DfE structure; their prioritising of the things that will make the most difference to school leaders; update on plans for EMS implementation;
  • Board was reassured by their approach to acknowledging and working with SASPA on challenges, and commitment to seeking a school perspective is seen as a priority
  1. “Equity in our Education System” discussion – Board invited Alliance Charis to join this discussion which marks the beginning of a focus for SASPA in considering a definition and mutual understanding of “equity” in our education system.
  2. Board members shared their reflections on the joy of leadership in our education system. A common theme was the pleasure of seeing a whole of school vision start to come to life through the experiences and agency of  educators, staff and learners in our schools.
  3. SASPA Board President Eva Kannis-Torry & Board member Mat Evans, along with SASPA CE Jayne Heath, will join upcoming Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA) online discussion related to National Teachers Workforce Action Plan to provide SA perspective and the recommendation of ASPA for the addition of Priority 6: Retain and sustain our principals
  4. SASPA Conference registrations have opened! SASPA members are invited to check out the website for details.

12th May 2023

Key messages from the meeting for your information:

  1. The Minister joined SASPA Board to continue our discussion related to effective support for secondary school leaders. Our conversation covered the contemporary context of school leadership, structures and processes that currently work in support of school leadership, and the implications and opportunities of the Purpose of Public Education statement for strengthening our system’s approach to supporting school leaders. The Minister indicated that he sees a significant opportunity to move forward and is keen to continue to work with SASPA to ensure school leaders are supported.
  2. The Executive Director People & Culture, Laura Schonfeldt joined SASPA Board and acknowledged the challenges that 2022 brought for school leaders and her team and wished to convey her thanks to all for their support and work in managing the difficult situations. Current work being undertaken by P&C regarding teacher supply with some ongoing discussions with TRB & ITE organisations were discussed. Laura indicated that the findings of Review of Band A Classification & Contemporary School Structures project will be shared soon.
  3. SACE Board CE, Michaela Bensley, provided updates and insights into the progress of the SACE Board Thrive Agenda. The discussion was productive with many issues raised and leader’s perspectives able to be shared. Michaela indicated that schools can expect communication in the next few weeks clarifying timelines for implementation of EIF and opportunities for related teacher professional learning. Michaela is attending upcoming SASPA Curriculum & Pedagogy SNG and is keen to share updates and address member’s questions, ie the current AI conversation, and addressing the feedback loop for teachers related to SACE moderation decisions. The SASPA board welcomes ongoing interaction with Michaela.
  4. DfE Enterprise Bargaining Team joined Board for an update on the progress. A number of issues were addressed in our discussion including leader and teacher workload and the gap between Step 9 and middle leaders.  The DfE EB team asked the Board to contribute ideas into their work and will meet with the Board again.
  5. Board spent sometime looking at the Draft Purpose of Public Education Draft Statement and encourage SASPA members to submit their feedback to DfE by 26th May (Week 4)
  6. SASPA 2023 conference is shaping up to look very exciting. Plans are to open registrations mid – Term 2 for Connecting for Equity & Community event August 24 & 25th. Save the date!

10th March 2023

  1. As follow-up to the DfE Leaders Day, SASPA distributed a short survey seeking participating Principal member’s reflections.  Thank you to those who completed the survey for making the time to respond. There were some clear messages and ideas which we were able to reflect back to the Minister & CE when they joined our meeting later in the day. Board noted the acknowledgement in the survey comments of the work & directions of SASPA in supporting our leaders to be aligned with the directions outlined on Leaders Day.
  2. Minister Blair Boyer & CE Professor Martin Westwell were guests of the Board in the afternoon. In reflecting on Leaders Day we relayed the excitement and the challenges expressed by our members via the survey and the readiness of SASPA to be involved in the next phase of the “evolution”. Our discussion also included checking-in on a number of initiatives including:  Mobile Phone Policy; implications of recently announced submarine project for education & skills development; FLO redesign progress; acknowledgement that schools focus on wellbeing is strong and the interest in data related to wellbeing improvement & growth is important yet challenging to gather.
  3. Strategic Network Group (SNG) Convenors facilitated discussion to gather feedback on the Draft Influence We Seek statements as prepared by the members at their Term 1 meeting. In response to the growing work and imperatives associated with this work, SNG Convenors are now supported by up to 3 Co-Convenors. Each SNG now has 1 country based Principal, and up to 2 metro based, at least one being a DP or AP level.
  4. Save the date for 2023 SASPA Conference August 24 & 25th – planning is well underway for Connecting for Equity & Community.

10th February 2023

SASPA Board’s first meeting for 2023 was a busy one!

  1. SASPA Board welcomed new members Anthony van Ruiten, Kym Grant & Mat Evans.
  2. 2023 priority work of the Board related to advocacy and building leadership capacity was discussed and will guide setting of Board meeting agendas.
  3. SASPA’s 2022 Annual Report has been published and is available for members to read here
  4. Board members worked on the preparation of a written response for DfE’s consultation on the Purpose of Public Education.  In addition to this discussion time is being allocated for discussion as part of the upcoming Strategic Network Group meeting agendas.
  5. Discussion on current DfE policy formation, strategies and implementation focused on:
  • DfE Country Education Strategy. Update on progress & developments provided by Peter Philp. Thanks to Peter for representing SASPA members and for recently sharing notes through SASPATalk.
  • Use of Mobile Devices in Schools policy implementation, how schools are managing & possible support that may assist. Feedback to be provided to Minister Boyer.
  • ChatGPT, & how to possibly support leaders as this landscape develops. SASPA e-Bulletin to include references to research that may be of assistance to leaders.

Invited guests

  1. Garry Costello joined the discussion related to 2023 priority work of the Board.
  2. DfE CE Martin Westwell join Board along with 20 SASPA members for the networking event at the end of the day. Plans are in the making to hold an online line event to enable members who could not attend to connect with the work of the SASPA Board. More information to come!

2nd December 2022

  • A priority for the Board has been to build relationships with the incoming Minister for Education, Skills & Training, Minister Boyer and the new Department for Education Chief Executive, Professor Martin Westwell. Both have been regular guests of the Board during the year and have also met with SASPA President and Chief Executive. These opportunities have enabled us to share the strategic work of SASPA, provide comment on policy and practices and explore how we can work collaboratively in addressing key issues.
  • SASPA Chief Executive continues to join Secondary Alliances meetings across the state. There is strong interest in being involved in the recently proposed Coalition of Secondary Alliances Project (CoSAP) with a couple of common focus areas for inquiry emerging. A forum is planned for Term 1 2023 when we will explore themes, processes, timelines and supports
  • Board members reflected on what they valued about being a member of the SASPA Board. Common themes included: having the opportunity to influence change and improvements at a system level; working together on issues of substance draws on the thinking and knowledge from every Board member and this informs own leadership expertise; representation of members views and concerns at Board and system level.
  • Board farewelled finishing members Nigel Gill, Peter Kuss & Jason Loke. We thank each for their contributions and time commitment to the Board’s strategic work.
  • Reminder to save the dates for the SASPA End of Year Dinner November 4th and the 2023 Conference Connecting for Equity and Community August 24-25th.
  • Board wishes you all a safe and restful summer break, our special thoughts go to our Riverland colleagues and offer our support if and when needed.


21st October 2022

  • Secondary Alliance Chairs joined the Board meeting online to discuss the potential for an across Alliance Project in 2023. Proposal is for a common inquiry focus to be determined ie grappling with teacher workforce shortages; supporting SACE Thrive Agenda implementation. The idea being that a broad purpose statement for a project for every secondary alliance – regardless of their current focus, function, and method of working – will enable each to see themselves operating within its scope. What-ever evolves as our agreed broad purpose statement, it will need a data agreement that informs it, is easily monitored and, any progress (or otherwise), is clearly recognised and deeply understood. Secondary Alliance Chairs agreed to discuss this idea at their next meeting.
  • Following Board’s discussion with the Minister at our Sept 17th meeting, three working parties were established to provide feedback and make recommendations for future actions which were discussed by Board. These will be taken to the Minister and DfE CE for further discussion:
    • Year 7-HS: Feedback & recommendations taken to the newly formed DfE Yr 7- HS Working Group included:
      • What is being done to ensure we learn from our experiences of this process? School leaders are keen to use this to inform their plans for 2023 and beyond
      • School culture development to support students transitioning into a new larger school impeded by COVID restrictions. This has ongoing implications for schools
      • Learner data was transferred but has been problematic in a number of ways and could be improved
      • Schools are reviewing their curriculum design to ensure continuity of learning and are keen to continue to work with their feeder PS in this process
      • Support for staff to better understand developmental needs of younger students and how to use this to inform their practice
    • Doing secondary years schooling differently:
      • Build on outcomes from our state-wide conversation about purpose of public education to enable all students to be successful in their learning
      • Consideration of commissioning case studies of DfE schools doing secondary years school differently
      • SASPA C&P working with DfE in relation to AC V9 “adapt not adopt” approach of how AC can better meet needs of all students
      • Continue to advocate to enable schools to employ SSO’s, AHP and other non-teaching staff to create time for teachers to do stuff that matters for learners (ie planning, collaborating, moderation)
    • Building school community & culture:
      • Support for principals to make local decisions about start of school year enabling focus on resetting school culture. ie staggered start, additional SFD, Week 0
      • PL for leaders related to building and maintaining school culture
      • Learnings from Positive Behaviour Pilot be implemented across all DfE schools. (currently 40 schools involved)
      • Consider how school culture building could be effectively embedded as SIP goals.
      • Public education promotion strategy in place & clarity and consistency of how leaders are supported through situations where their reputation is challenged
  • Discussion regarding concerns about recent media coverage of events in public schools and the apparent attack on school leaders. SASPA raised concerns with DfE CE & Exec Director PSP regarding the support needed for principals in these circumstances.
  • DfE CE Martin Westwell joined the Board with key discussion points including:
    • Reflections of having been in the CE role for 6mths
    • The upcoming Student Summits to kick off the state-wide conversation about the purpose of public education
    • We checked in on a number of communiques: start of 2023 school year; FLO redesign; Mobile Phone Policy; teacher shortages. He indicated we should hear soon.
    • Recent media coverage of public schools and support being provided for principals during these difficult times. A number of strategies are being put in place to address.

16th September 2022

SASPA Board Communique

  1. Minister Boyer joined Board meeting and in a very open discussion we explored several key issues. As a result Board has committed to establishing three Working Groups to look at short-term and long-term strategies in response:
    • Year 7-HS transition, what we can learn from the 2022 experience & possibilities for future work
    • Strengthening sense of school community & school culture
    • Doing school differently to ensure we effectively engage all learners and support them in preparing for their future of choice
  1. Board acknowledged the improvement to HR processes implemented by DfE People & Culture:
    • Changes to Merit Selection process enabling leaders to approve panel nominations. This has meant quicker process
    • Improvement in changing temporary appointments to permanency process.
    • Earlier recruitment timeline for teachers enabling more certainty in staffing for upcoming year.
  1. Board asked that we include a link to CE Martin Westwell’s Keynote address at Leaders Day. Board acknowledged the close alignment with our Strategic Priority Work. If you weren’t able to attend Leaders Day or if you’d just like to refresh your memory of what Martin shared with us you can check it out here.
  2. Scott Bayliss and Dan Hughes DfE IT Services joined us in the afternoon. They provided updates and invited schools to approach them regarding any IT products being used which DfE may be able to provide assistance in purchasing. Scott also emphasised support available for both Microsoft and Google platforms is available.
  3. Roy Page, Review, Improvement & Accountability, joined us and outlined key changes to the ESR Handbook and process.
  4. November 24th 5.00pm. SASPA AGM will be held at an exciting new venue, Jackson Square. Registrations Now Open!

5th August 2022

SASPA Board met on Friday 5th August, we share with you some key points from our Board Meeting:

  1. DfE Chief Operating Officer Ben Temperly & Director Data, Reporting & Analytics David Engelhardt were the guest of the Board and discussed 2 key projects: Data for Educators and Child & Student Measurement Framework. Aim of these projects is to ensure educators are supported to access data that will enable them to effectively support students in their schools.
  2. CE SASSLA, Phil O’Loughlin attended seeking feedback on the development of a position in regard to the DfE Band A Principal Classification Review.
  3. SASPA conference registrations closed on Friday 5th August. The planning group are thrilled at the high level of response and support for the event & we look forward to seeing participants at National Wine Centre on 18th & 19th August.
  4. Board acknowledged the extraordinary work of principals recognising that August 5th was Principal Day!
  5. Concerns regarding recent SACE Board notification of fees for administration errors and late data entry were raised. Exam timetable scheduling of exams in term break also discussed as well as several issues related to procedures for students missing final assessments. These issues to be followed up by SASPA CE.
  6. DfE FLO redesign process and timeline is on track, involvement of SASPA in the consultation has enabled key issues of leaders to be raised and acknowledgement of quality programs operating in schools to support students in alternative learning programs.
  7. SASPA continued to support the value and role of Secondary Alliances in discussions with DfE Senior Executive Group members. SASPA CE has welcomed the opportunity to join several Alliance meetings and plans for more in remainder of 2022.

24th June 2022

SASPA Board met on Friday 24th June, I share with you some key points from our Board meeting:

  1. DfE Chief Executive, Martin Westwell joined us for a conversation which covered the following topics:
    • The recent tabloid like approach some media is taking with Public Education
    • The intention for DfE to work with leaders and associations from term 3 regarding a state-wide conversation on a shared view of our purpose
    • Mobile phones in schools – the Board voiced the need for an approach to allow sites to tailor a solution specific to their community
    • The national teacher supply issue, and how it is affecting regional sites.  There are conversations taking place at a national level regarding longer term solutions
    • The role of associations in the education eco-system and how they will play an integral part for consultation and dialogue moving forward.
  2. Leader wellbeing and concern for leaders in recent light of media reporting.  The Board acknowledged that it has been a difficult time recently, and the threat of which can affect all leaders in the future
  3. School Culture – The Board spent some time discussing strategies that could be effective in supporting schools to rebound and strengthen culture impacted by the disruptive start to 2022.  This included actions by schools; DfE; SASPA & other stakeholder groups.  Plans are to provide a summary of suggestions for members information and for SASPA to advocate for further support with DfE. I also invite members to contact me with strategies or ideas you may wish to share
  4. Teacher shortages – in particular for non-metro sites.  SASPA HR Strategic Network Group have been discussing this issue and have raised leader’s concerns and challenges with DfE on numerous occasions. DfE are aware and have put a number of strategies in place i.e. country incentive strategy, however there is still some work to be done in this area. The Board ask leaders that may have contracted staff members coming to the end of tenure to let them know that there are many quality positions and opportunities available in our non-metro sites

13th May 2022

SASPA Board met on Friday 13th May, commencing the day with our usual discussion ‘What is keeping you awake at night?’ Many topics were raised, COVID impact a common topic. Many of the issues raised were able to be followed-up during the meeting either with further discussion, assigning action or in some cases raised with our guest Minister Blair Boyer. I share with you some key points from our Board meeting:

  1. Minister Blair Boyer joined us, with his advisor Garry Costello, and we were able to raise several issues including:
    1. Support for schools being able to employ allied health professionals
    2. Challenge of ‘culture catch-up’ as a result of disruptions to school events since the beginning of 2022 school year ie students disconnection with school; whole school events on-hold; teacher and student absences etc
    3. Value of interagency approach to support when working with students with complex needs
    4. SASPA’s working relationship with the Minister. He indicated his interest in continuing to meet with SASPA Board in the future.
  2. Strategic Direction priority work 2022-2023
    1. Board worked through process to determine key actions/activities to focus on over the coming 18mths aligned to our 2021-2023 Strategic Directions Plan.
    2. Each Strategic Network Group Convenor shared and refined the priorities from the SNG’s T1 meeting discussions related to their work and influence they will seek to have
  3. SASPA Conference is scheduled for August 18-19th at National Wine Centre. Save the date! Registrations will open in June.
  4. Farewell to Rick Persse. SASPA Board invited Rick to join us for drinks at the end of the day when we were able to formally farewell him and show our appreciation for his leadership.

11th February 2022

Online Meeting – Guests: Rick Persse (DfE) & Danielle Elston (DfE).

  • Acknowledgement of the outstanding work of school leaders for the start of 2022 school year. There has been a lot on your plate with years 7/8 transitioning into HS, staggered starts and contact tracing, along with getting school building projects completed ready for the school year. A busy start to the year, please take care of your self during these busy and challenging times.
  • Rick Persse expressed his deep appreciation of the work of leaders, acknowledging the demands of school leaders in COVID-19 context and the commitment of leaders to ensuring a good start to the school year. Several issues were discussed regarding leader’s capacity to manage various COVID related requirements. He noted the concerns and in particular the challenge in secondary schools of processes for contact tracing which he committed to look into.
  • Board expressed their thanks for the COVID-Updates and support of LET. Clarity and frequency of information has been appreciated.
  • Our Strategic Direction Group Convenors discussed priorities for action in 2022. Convenors Richard Abell, (Human Resources), Rosie Heinicke (PL); Penny Tranter (Curric & Pedagogy) and Kirsty Amos (Inclusion & Wellbeing)  are especially keen to strengthen country members representation.
  • Our “Year 7 transition into HS” group headed by Wendy Johnson & Caroline Fishpool is keen to hear about what else needs to happen with the year 7s after your first 2 weeks of 2022 school year. Contact me if you’d like to follow up on anything with the group.
  • SASPA 2022 Conference is scheduled for August 18 & 19th , save the date for “Lifting up, not holding back-learner entitlement” at the National Wine Centre.

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