Learning and Accreditation Through a Learner Profile

This opportunity will begin as a pilot which will include action research and evaluation of other
ways of recognising a broader range of knowledge, skills and capacities.

The Project Goals:
This project invites schools to
➢ Explore the “Learner Profile” and its potential as a transformative model of recognizing
learning that is fit for purpose and identifies a range of student dispositions and learning
across the phases of schooling.
➢ Explore practical strategies aimed at developing, assessing and recognising student
attainment in a capabilities and competencies that could inform a “Learner Profile”.
➢ Develop assessments that are valid, reliable and authentic.
➢ Contribute to a cross-sectoral professional learning community where all schools are
grappling with similar issues.


Please fill out and submit the following online form to express your interes in taking part in this project:

Learning and Accreditation through Learner Profile EOI

Please fill out this form to express your interest in taking part in this project.

  • Schools will need to be prepared to trial and evaluate work within their school context. There will be a cost to this project beyond the release of staff to work with the University of Melbourne. However, at this stage SASPA is still waiting for the final figure.

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