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Secondary Learners Directorate VET for Schools consultation

Secondary Learners directorate VET for Schools consultation The Secondary Learners directorate is consulting with key stakeholders to conduct a review of VET for school students. Forums are being organised for face to face or teleconference forums with practitioners from secondary alliances and regional areas. Leaders are invited to provide feedback on the range of VET […]

Enriching Year 8 Maths Expo Resources

The SASPA & DECD partnership for Enriching Year 8 Mathematics presented an Expo of work from project schools on Monday 21st November.  The Expo drew upon the experience of 30 project teachers who have started this transformational journey in classrooms across 12 metropolitan and country schools. Following are resources from this event: Notes from the […]

Lynne Symons

When Lynne Symons finished work with the Department in August this year (2016) she closed the book on 43 years of service and 24 years of being a principal. Lynne started her career as a ‘walk-in’ teacher in 1973. Such appointments were common at the time. Young graduates looking for employment could report to Flinders […]

Positive Education at Mount Barker

This post looks at Positive Education. It covers the value of Positive Education, as both educational theory and practice, at the secondary level. It briefly explores its genesis and key theoretical constructs. It highlights the success of the Positive Education initiative at Mount Barker High School. Lastly, it looks at the range of training options […]