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Tony Green

Tony Green graduated from Adelaide University in 1977 with a degree in Geology and spent the first few years of his professional life working as a geology teacher at Cabra College. He then worked as a geologist for Esso in locations as diverse as Bass Strait and Barrow Island. His first teaching appointment with the […]

STEM Conference, May 2017

At the end of May, SASPA and DECD held a combined, full-day conference on STEM in SACE. On the day there were presentations from 12 metropolitan secondary sites. These presentations have been published on the SASPA website and are available here. There were also 2 keynote presentations. One by Neil McGoran, Chief Executive SACE Board […]

Student Voice at Seaview High School: reframing pedagogy and building school culture

Two earlier posts have highlighted the importance of student voice in improving student achievement. The 2 schools involved were Craigmore High School and Streaky Bay Area School . At Streaky Bay AS the focus on student voice grew from a survey of senior school students to uncover the support students needed to improve their learning. […]

2017 SASPA/DECD STEM in SACE Conference Resources

The 2017 SASPA/DECD STEM in SACE Conference was held on Monday 29th May 2017 at the Education Development Centre. The conference included 12 practitioner workshops presented over the day with keynote presentations from Dr.Neil McGoran (CE – SACE Board) and Dr. Kristin Alford (Director Museum of Discovery, Uni SA). Below is a collation of presentation […]