SASPA School Membership

SASPA School Aspiring Leader Membership Application

Please fill out this application to join your site and three B1 or B2 (Coordinator) aspiring leaders as a SASPA Associate Members . School Membership is $550.00 (Incl. GST) and will be invoiced to your school site indicated below. Please refer to the Memberships page for a description of membership types and benefits.
  • This site will be invoiced for the annual SASPA School Membership amount of $550.00 (Incl. GST).
  • The invoice for school membership will be emailed to this address.
  • Please indicate your current position, you must be the school site's current Principal to authorise your site for SASPA School Membership.
  • B1 Aspiring Leader Infomation

    Please provide details for three B1 or B2 (Coordinator) Aspiring Leaders from your school to be added as SASPA Aspiring Leader Members.
  • We will email the invoice to this person
  • We will send the invoice to this email address
  • I authorise my site (listed above) and the three listed B1 or B2 Aspiring Leaders to become a SASPA School Member for an annual fee of $550.00 (Incl GST). PLEASE USE YOUR MOUSE TO SIGN YOUR NAME BY MOVING THE MOUSE CURSOR OVER THE BOXED AREA, HOLDING DOWN THE LEFT CLICK MOUSE BUTTON AND WRITING YOUR NAME/SIGNATURE.

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