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SASPA School Aspiring Leader Membership Application

B1 or B2 aspiring leaders only. If you are B3 or above please see our full individual membership form. Please fill out this application to join your site and three B1 or B2 (Coordinator) aspiring leaders as a SASPA Associate Members . School Membership is $550.00 (Incl. GST) and will be invoiced to your school site indicated below. Please refer to the Memberships page for a description of membership types and benefits.
  • This site will be invoiced for the annual SASPA School Membership amount of $550.00 (Incl. GST).
  • The invoice for school membership will be emailed to this address.
  • Please indicate your current position, you must be the school site's current Principal to authorise your site for SASPA School Membership.
  • B1 Aspiring Leader Infomation

    Please provide details for three B1 or B2 (Coordinator) Aspiring Leaders from your school to be added as SASPA Aspiring Leader Members.
  • We will email the invoice to this person
  • We will send the invoice to this email address
  • I authorise my site (listed above) and the three listed B1 or B2 Aspiring Leaders to become a SASPA School Member for an annual fee of $550.00 (Incl GST). PLEASE USE YOUR MOUSE TO SIGN YOUR NAME BY MOVING THE MOUSE CURSOR OVER THE BOXED AREA, HOLDING DOWN THE LEFT CLICK MOUSE BUTTON AND WRITING YOUR NAME/SIGNATURE.

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