SASPA Board Meeting Updates

13th May 2022

SASPA Board met on Friday 13th May, commencing the day with our usual discussion ‘What is keeping you awake at night?’ Many topics were raised, COVID impact a common topic. Many of the issues raised were able to be followed-up during the meeting either with further discussion, assigning action or in some cases raised with our guest Minister Blair Boyer. I share with you some key points from our Board meeting:

  1. Minister Blair Boyer joined us, with his advisor Garry Costello, and we were able to raise several issues including:
    1. Support for schools being able to employ allied health professionals
    2. Challenge of ‘culture catch-up’ as a result of disruptions to school events since the beginning of 2022 school year ie students disconnection with school; whole school events on-hold; teacher and student absences etc
    3. Value of interagency approach to support when working with students with complex needs
    4. SASPA’s working relationship with the Minister. He indicated his interest in continuing to meet with SASPA Board in the future.
  2. Strategic Direction priority work 2022-2023
    1. Board worked through process to determine key actions/activities to focus on over the coming 18mths aligned to our 2021-2023 Strategic Directions Plan.
    2. Each Strategic Network Group Convenor shared and refined the priorities from the SNG’s T1 meeting discussions related to their work and influence they will seek to have
  3. SASPA Conference is scheduled for August 18-19th at National Wine Centre. Save the date! Registrations will open in June.
  4. Farewell to Rick Persse. SASPA Board invited Rick to join us for drinks at the end of the day when we were able to formally farewell him and show our appreciation for his leadership.

11th February 2022

Online Meeting – Guests: Rick Persse (DfE) & Danielle Elston (DfE).

  • Acknowledgement of the outstanding work of school leaders for the start of 2022 school year. There has been a lot on your plate with years 7/8 transitioning into HS, staggered starts and contact tracing, along with getting school building projects completed ready for the school year. A busy start to the year, please take care of your self during these busy and challenging times.
  • Rick Persse expressed his deep appreciation of the work of leaders, acknowledging the demands of school leaders in COVID-19 context and the commitment of leaders to ensuring a good start to the school year. Several issues were discussed regarding leader’s capacity to manage various COVID related requirements. He noted the concerns and in particular the challenge in secondary schools of processes for contact tracing which he committed to look into.
  • Board expressed their thanks for the COVID-Updates and support of LET. Clarity and frequency of information has been appreciated.
  • Our Strategic Direction Group Convenors discussed priorities for action in 2022. Convenors Richard Abell, (Human Resources), Rosie Heinicke (PL); Penny Tranter (Curric & Pedagogy) and Kirsty Amos (Inclusion & Wellbeing)  are especially keen to strengthen country members representation.
  • Our “Year 7 transition into HS” group headed by Wendy Johnson & Caroline Fishpool is keen to hear about what else needs to happen with the year 7s after your first 2 weeks of 2022 school year. Contact me if you’d like to follow up on anything with the group.
  • SASPA 2022 Conference is scheduled for August 18 & 19th , save the date for “Lifting up, not holding back-learner entitlement” at the National Wine Centre.

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