Expression of Interest: Transforming Your School?

Transforming Your School?

Becoming a member of SASPA’s “World Class Learners” Network facilitated by Professor Yong Zhao may be exactly what you need!

SASPA has formed a partnership with Professor Yong Zhao, author of the 2012 best seller, “World Class Learners: Educating Creative & Entrepreneurial Students”.

SASPA’s partnership with Professor Yong Zhao will see him work with a network of 10 secondary schools for the 12 months from June 2018 – May 2019.

The work of the network will focus on transforming pedagogy, using an inquiry-based methodology.  Professor Yong Zhao’s interests are:

  • Engagement (for learning)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Connectedness.

These interests are consistent with SASPA’s position paper, “Educating in the 21st Century”.

Click here for a video introduction from Yong Zhao 

Professor Yong Zhao has undertaken similar work with Victoria and New South Wales to what is being proposed through SASPA.  Case studies of that work are published in “The Paradigm Shifters: Entrepreneurial Learning in Schools”.

If you are engaged in transforming the teaching and learning at your school, (currently engaged or looking for ways to transform the teaching and learning etc)  and your school has a specific interest in engagement (for learning), entrepreneurship or global connectedness, then becoming a network member will add considerable value to your change leadership.  The network will be geared to making your school’s transformational change more workable, not more work!

What Does Network Involvement Include?

Involvement with the network includes:

  • A 2-day workshop-styled conference facilitated by Professor Yong Zhao to be held at the Education Development Centre, Hindmarsh on Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th June, 2018.

Note: Each network school will have up to 5 teaching staff (including leaders) and between 3 and 5 students accessing this conference.

  • 2 collaborative workshops for the network’s teaching staff (including leaders) delivered via skype by Professor Yong Zhao. These will be staged at appropriate intervals along the inquiry journey (e.g., September and November 2018).  SASPA will negotiate for one of the network schools to host these 2 workshop events. (Note: We will need a school with a room that fits the 50 adult network participants and is Skype enabled.)
  • 2 skyped sessions per school which Professor Yong Zhao will negotiate on a school-by-school basis. These sessions are designed to be as personalised as possible to the professional learning needs of each school.

The school transformational work undertaken by network schools over this 12 month period will be profiled by Professor Yong Zhao at the SASPA Annual Conference, 15th & 16th August, 2019.

Cost: The cost of each school’s involvement in the network is $7,500 (GST inclusive).

Please note: Schools will need to cover the release of staff.  Should country schools be involved, SASPA will do its best to assist with travel and accommodation costs.

Please fill out and submit the online Expression of Interest form below by Thursday 22nd March 2018


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